Saturday, 7 August 2010

*Return to Goa Festival*12-15 August*

Goa trance is essentialy 'trance dance' music, the original goal being to assist the dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing ritual, trough hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhithms.

Everything is Now.
And Now reborns, regenerates, reinvents itself, constantly changing. Everything starts to happen. 
By everything, into everything, the awakening and spiritual blossoming of more and more people can only point out to be the Beginning. 
The Beginning of Returning Home. 
It can be energy, brightness, dancing, fire, thunders, truth, unity, joy, gratitude, or all these seamlessly twining in an endless Cosmic Game. Scattered all over, dripping streams of thoughts, we slide into every bit of our ultimate conciousness. 
Born by all, we Return to All. Joined in poetry, running and clothing the Elizee fields with our steps of lightening, under the Spirits protection, we reach the infinity.

Shiva has start to dance again, the Universe's symphony gathers the remaining sparks in a wisp, while Aurora Borealis unfolds the sky so we can hear the mind of God. The primordial timewave of which we become more and more aware, flowing into oneness, constantly reminds us we can jump off that boat overcrowded with characters not sharing the same universal path to to trhuth and finally just going with the flow, free and unconditionally. We can stop and float into nothingness, letting go the social patterns, mental wiring leading to foreign plugs, dancing so light on feet that we become the dance itself. 
Being all joy!
Music is a passage to our wildest dreams. Music is active meditation. Connecting through all of our senses, we imagine so vividly that we can even step among mind-molded earthbounds. Bending to expand the nature of our perceptions, sound, in every shape of it, is the colour into we submerge different thoughts for painting the infinite realms of our soul. And we sure can imagine, we, sailors of the mind and spirit, the mountain vistas, they are a real proof of that, flowers scent, flaming coloured skies, mouthwatering fruits, Unicorns, Nymphs, our wonderful Human vehicles, dwelling in each other's smile, eye cuddling, always unveiling new feelings, blank moments floating in a blue haze.
We create because we love. We love what we create. 
Happy we can forget that, and we forget just so we can choose again.

Sending Unity and Love through Hyperspace, for all the Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial forms of life, Pleiadiens, Andromedans, Zetas, praising the rebirth of the Sun and Gaia's 435 Mhz Child. 

This Event is Animal friendly! Your pets are welcomed.

Celebrate the nature together by respecting it as you respect youself!

* You are Nature *

For full detailed info's, please visit the site of event

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